A mousecontrolled cursor in da gameengine

I know how to make a keyboardcontrolled cursor, but now I want to control the cursor with the mouse… A finish script and a little tutorial how to implant the script into the engine is all I need for now…
Don´t say I shold make a Search, I already done it and find out that I must ask the help by myself…
Thx/ Robert G

You can start learning python from here:


The example you wanted:


Good luck.

it’s a simple two lines of code:

import Rasterizer

set up an always sensor (pulse mode off), and connect it to a python controller with the name of your script in the available field.

Yea, that’s fine if you just want to use the default mouse pointer, but I think he wants a custom cursor. (something he should have been a little clearer on)

Afaik, the only way to do that is to translate mouse movement to a gamespace object.

Thx Social-dude, U are my god…lol
It was exacly what I needed…

@Social: Touche :slight_smile: