A.N.T. Landscape creator

A.N.T. (Another Noise Tool) Landscape creator.

Download A.N.T. Landscape here:


Thank’s to XJazz for hosting.


_ New G.U.I.

_ New noise types like: Double_Terrain, StatsByAlt_Terrain, slickRock,
ditorted_heteroTerrain, vlNoise_turbulence, and many more.

_ New fractalized Effect functions.
Effect types such as: gradient, waves and bumps, dome, piramide, squares,
grid, shattered rocks, lunar, and many more.
Bias types: Sin, Cos, Tri, Saw, and Default(no bias).
For example the ‘Rings’ effect with ‘Sin Bias’ makes ‘Rings’ and ‘Default Bias’ makes ‘Dome’.
_ The Effect ‘Mix factor’ Slider gives control over how much of the Effect is vissible
(-1.0=noise, 0.0=average, 1.0=effect)
this slider controls also the ‘Warp amount’ if mix type ‘Warp’ is selected.

_ Image effect: mix image with noise

_ IPOCurve Filter: use Ipo curve to filter terrain height.
I know it’s a bit strange to use animation curves for landscape modelling,
the downside of this method is that you have this ‘Empty’ moving around in your scene,
so put it on another layer and ‘Pin’ the Ipo block so that it stays visible.
Add one ‘Empty’ Object to your scene, now add one Loc Key at Frame 1,
go to Frame 101 (UpArrow ten times),
move the ‘Empty’ +100 units in X+ direction and add another Loc Key,
open the Ipo Curve Editor Window, rename this IpoBlock if you want,
Copie the first curve to buffer and Paste it in the empty slots (from top to bottom),
now you can edit the curves freely.
(use the ‘Pin’ option to keep the curves visible while other objects are selected)
Set the CurveLength and CurveHeight Button value’s
according to length and height of the selected curve.
A curve filter is very versatile when it comes to ‘height’ filtering.

_ PreView in UV/Image Editor Window:
The preview image is now rendered as Blender.Image and
will be saved to file directory as ‘ANTview_size.tga’
you have to select ‘ANTview_size.tga’ in the UV/Image Editor Window
now it’s posible to render and save a large HeightMap image
(you can also create nice texture images when the VertCol gradient is enabled),
! If you Change the preview image Size a New Blender.Image object is created.
(one for size 256, one for size 512 one for…) !

_ VertexColours: use any image as colour gradient.
This function actualy uses one ‘row’ of pixels to produce the color gradient,
Make one or more custom gradient images with the Gimp or any other graphics software,
the gradients must go from left to right (left is bottom and right is top).
you only need one row of pixels so you can put 10 gradients in a 256*10 image.
Set the ‘VCol Paint’ option in the Materials panel !

_ Mesh Tiles: Create large scale terrains.

_ Vertices Selection: select flat areas.

_ Keyboard HotKeys:
SPACE = Update mesh.
R = Randomise.
V = Redraw preview.

_ and more…

IpoCurve filter and tiles:

old v.1.03:


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A(jimmy)MAZING… ! Both of them. Thanks!!!


Cool :slight_smile:

I’ll compare with mine :wink:


good work, thanks =)

I’m at work now… (though not working too hard apparently…)
Any chance of some sample outputs?

Just tried it out. Great script! Nice GUI work, too.

I’m looking forward to see some nice landsape renders.

really nice script!!

just did a normal map with it.:
Really versatil tool.
Something to keep near.

Thanks for this very nice script. Looking forward to updates (as if it isn’t good enough right now :))

I know this does not apply to you Jimmy Haze. But this always happens with new scripts. I am wondering if anyone has and idea why.

With this script I copies and paste the code into a *.py file then copied that into the .scripts directory under the blender directory. When I run blender I go to the scripts window, click update menu and then go to (in this case) the ADD menu but A.N.T Landscape is not there on that menu.

Now if I go to a text window and load the program code into it and press ALT-P the program runs fine.

This has happened with other scripts and while its not a big deal. I just get irked when things do not work as they are suppose to.

Anyone have any idea why?

Here is my system

Blender Version 2.36
Windows ME and Windows 98 (have both of these on different machines but the same thing happpens with either OS)
Python 2.3.4

Oh BTW Jimmy. Some docs might be nice as well as a tutorial. But from reading the first screen of the source code I think I can figure it out. If I get some time I might just write the tutorial and post it.

Also what is the difference between this and A.N.T. 0.3

Not sure if this is helpful, but…

You might want to make sure your text editor is not saving the file as, for example, “ant.py.txt” by appending .txt to whatever you specify in the save dialog.

Open the folder containing your blender scripts and make sure what you have saved does have the .py extension and not .py.somethingelse.

Yep I always do this. I make sure that the file weather is it copied and paste or downloaded from a link has a .py extension and that there are no html tags in it.

Just tried the script. LOVE IT!

This is really cool, Thanks for making it.

Finally made some island shapes I can use, thanks to this script :slight_smile:

Wasn’t rendered with Blender but I thought I’d share the result.

BTW, creative use of acronyms is especially appreciated - reminds me of playing an old computer game or something 8)

SHABA1, it has nothing to do with file extensions (.py,.txt) at the top of the script there is some text needed to tell blender which menu to put it in,

go to your scripts folder and open one of the scripts that does appear in the blender menu you want(eg, misc, mesh etc) in a text editor. copy the first few lines with the script name and info onto the top of the script that doesnt work, change relevant info,save. now check blender.

You mean this text:


Name: 'A.N.T.Landscape' 
Blender: 234 
Group: 'Add' 
Tip: 'Create landscape mesh.' 

A.N.T already has this text and so do the other scripts that I have tried to add to the scripts menu. Yes I do press the update menu item and yes they are all in the scripts folder. For some reason they just do not show up on the sub-menus in the scripts window even though they have the proper header.

I had some weird thing like this happen to me when I installed a bunch of I/O scripts. All of the sudden only about 3 exporter options showed up under the export menu.

I reinstalled Blender and all was back to normal. You might try that. A.N.T. shows up just fine here.

First about copy and paste (downloading a script from screen),
i never had any problems with this,
the way i do this:

  • first copy the code from screen,
  • then start Blender,
  • open a text window and create ‘New’ empty text field,
  • paste this code in text window ( Ctrl , Shift, V ),
  • then you can save the text as .py
  • and / or save the .Blend file

Soon i will update my Landscape script again, and i will try to add some info about how to use it, but actualy this script is very intuitive,
just hit a few buttons (Random), change some value’s
and you will see the result.

:smiley: Thank’s for all your positive reactions :smiley:

Soon i will come with another update.