A new 2D animation open source software ! - ENVE for linux

Hi guys, here’s a new Open Source program for Linux Users :
ENVE is a 2D animation program developped by Maurycy Liebner which is very promising, even in early stages !

Here are the releases :

And the git page :

Here’s the description from the developer himself :
Enve is a new open-source 2D animation software for Linux. You can use enve to create vector animations, raster animations, and even use sound and video files. Enve was created with flexibility and expandability in mind.

And a screenshot of the UI :

And here’s a link to a post from libregraphicsworld :

The software feels very polished, it uses a layer-based timeline, where you can bring images and image sequence, sounds, vector images.
You can also create your own paths or bitmap drawings using the mypaint set of brushes !

Enve borrows some blender shortcut, like G R and S for transform rotate scale, which i consider to be a great idea ! The path edition is very efficient and fluid, and i can totally picture me animate some logos in it !

A bunch of effects are available for path, stroke, fill contents (for vector objects) and raster effects, and it seems to be very easy to create your own effects with a bit of code !

Here’s some youtube tutorial posted by the creator of Enve :

Of course the program is young and there are a few quirks here and there, but this initiative is great, and feels like there is a possibility for users who wants to get rid of After Effects for motion design in the open source world ! yeaaaaa (for me at least) !

Here’s the patreon of Enve if you want to support it :

And go test it if you want, this really is a very promising piece of software !

Cheers !


Hi tonton,

looks very good (despite the early stage)

I am under Windows 10, can you recommended me a Linux Distro which is small, fast, easy to use for VirtualBox and ENVE?

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Hi i’m on windows/ubuntu dual boot, works like a charm, but virtual box wise, don’t really know, i’d say a lubuntu would work better (ubuntu for low spec laptop) and be lighter ? software works great on ubuntu based distros, i didn’t test it under debian based or anything else for now !

Hi tonton,

thank you for your answer and your distro tip.
Lubuntu looks good, unfortunately I read in the forum that there can be download problems with some packages (e.g. Inkscape) and I am a Linux Noop, so it all has to work out right away.
Besides, I didn’t want to let Linux on the Internet.
Let’s see if I find a small Ubuntu distro that has Inkscape on board or I’ll take the original Ubuntu although it is twice as big as Lubuntu (2.6GB vs 1.3GB)

Thanks again

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Just made a little video with logo animation to test enve :

Really capable and promising !

enve looks great already, thanks for your post!

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Hi guys, if you are interested in Enve and its improvements, you can also check its twitter

A lot is happening right now with text effect, dynamic path operations (dynamic booleans with path basically), fully featured expressions with auto completion ! It is getting in shape !

Cheers !

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