a new feature in blender

three pictures directly rendered in blender.
check out cvs.

Thanks Ton !



Excellent! This means Raytracing in Blender!

One question:

Where the hell can I get it? :o :o :o

:o Where can I get it?

um, I just went and checked cvs, and I didn’t see anything about this. I did however see that there is a cloth script newly available, which is also pretty dang cool.

it is in bf cvs… at least it was the other day lol

you mean just download the bfblender file at cvs and stick it in my blender folder and i can raytrace in blender? [!] I guess I just figured that was just the regular blender, because it said ‘no new files’ or something like that.
<edit> erm,…is it the ‘daily cvs checkout’ that I want maybe? under ‘files’>bfblender, my only option was to monitor. ( which I am doing )

hm, interesting,…xand shows up and makes post, xand leaves, people leave questions for xand, xand comes back, browses this very forum, and yet does not bother to reply in any way. conclusion: :< :< :< xand is having a laugh at our expense?
<edit> I am not suggesting that this feature does not exsist btw,…but that xand seems to have some lousy manners. :-?

Take a chill pill, he is telling the truth…, Im testing it now :o

so how the heck do i get it? is it the daily cvs checkout?
<sorry if i overreacted btw, but this is some cool stuff, and I feel a bit as if someone is waving a bill in my face or something, eh?

for windows :


finally a straight answer. thanks man.

for linux, the great kaktuswasser edition:


YES!!! :o This RULES!!! yayyyy!

…Cool, I just downloaded it and gave it a try with my latest scene :slight_smile: It feels like every day I don’t keep my eyes on these forums I miss something significant. Maybe I should cancel my christmas holidays :wink:



This is crazy! :o

Sorry guys, it had to be done sooner or later, I’m just getting the formalities out of the way… :stuck_out_tongue:


I just rendered my chess set/banana with no env map, and it came out perfect. right down to the reflection on his shades. I am really blown away by this. My profound gratitude to the coder who implemented it.

Sorry, for leaving you in a hurry.
i’m at work and got some urgent thing to do.
the pictures come from the test file provided by Ton


As indicated in the cvs log, it’s a first implementation and need some tests and feedback.

everybody should try, at least one time, to compile blender. it’s very easy
take a look at blender.org to procedure.
and it gives a lot of new features.

Sorry I blew my top, man. I was i bit hasty. :expressionless: Thanks for announcing it.

Yay, Ton made me a happy, happy man.