A New Home

Here’s my final submission for the Kitbash3d challenge “Mission to Minerva”.
I had serious difficulty toward the end due to my eyes getting to habituated to the image, even after a break of four days, I’m not very satisfied but I guess I don’t have time to work on it again. :sweat_smile:

Also, I really wanted to include a clay render but it kept crashing and crashing, so I had to let go of it…

So, the whole scene wasn’t made entierly using blender, but I did the modeling for a number of things with blender, as well as the semi-procedural planet shader (which I’m very proud off), the lighting / rendering / compositing were too made in blender

Honestly, I’m very tired of seeing this image so I guess I’m just posting it to never see it ever again :exploding_head:

*There’s also some slight photobahing in it so…


Nice rendition! It’s a good view from up top. I’m interested in environmental rendering but just can’t get into it due to performance issues, even with instances. Some day…

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I totally get what you mean, the base file was a mighty 6Gb :dizzy_face: and this, only with the 2k textures :exploding_head:

Honnestly, I still don’t understand how my blend file didn’t crash more often, I had to render separted the foreground / midground / background though, a real pain…

I was thinking that with this kind of environmental scene, it’s maybe best to do them in Unreal engine, as I heard it’s handling pretty well enourmous models

But enough talking, thank you for your comment !


I seem to strive for quality as well, hard to get both. Willing to see the future for optimization and computing power. Though, mocking up the scene in 3d is the first thing I need to do regardless of quality, I know. :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

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You’re on the #featured row! :+1:


Nice. We just need Spaceship 1 to launch and start building something like that.

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Outstanding looking!:+1:

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Thank you @Michael_Z_Freeman and @str11 for liking it ! it’s really motivating when I see comment like yours !