A new interior arch viz

A recent interior project.
Some of the furniture i’v modeled, and some are commercial or free models.

Rendered with Vray for Blender.

C&C are welcomed.

Very good lighting!

Very nice! :slight_smile: but in the first image, the light rflecting in the wood in the right corner and in the table seems a bit fake, because it is reflecting evenly, there’s no specular map, try adding it :slight_smile:

There is something wrong on the table. That spec next to elephant doesn’t look smooth.
But anyway all of the scene looks very nice. Good job.

@justinodunn: Thanks!

@thanzex: Thank you! Of course you are right. A spec map is a must in a scene like this… I’ll remember this for the next time.

@vulture: Thanks! I guess the samples value is too low…

did u use phisycal camera? what about settings?Did you use sun for lighting?
I think spec maps is needed for every materials.

Lightings are good, materials ruin your good renders.

very good looking. This is great. What about adding some grunge to the material to improve the realism. Everything look a bit to smooth and shiny, especially the walls :).

Good lighting but your soft surfaces could use some work and, as stated in the above comments, the materials are a little off.

Thanks for the comments!

It’s seems quiet obvious that my materials need some work.
I hope it will show in the next project :slight_smile: