A new project, looking for anyone that is willing to help

edit: this game (no name yet) will be a GTA/Monster shooter game, in which most of the game is like GTA but your up against monsters. basically you will have a lot of cars, and weapons, and the city will be filled with monsters that you need to destroy in order to continue. so if we can get some concept art for a first level map,characters, or an actual first level map, that would be great!!!

I wonder what the future of this thread will be.

It’s generally not a good idea to start a team project thread if the people you’re trying to recruit have no idea what they’re going to be working on when it comes to premise and assets.

Threads that say “I want to have a team for a game, but first we need to know what the game will be about or what type it will be” is a recipe for a failed attempt.

If you want to get somewhere, think of what the premise of the game will be, which includes, name, genre, style, story (if the genre is appropriate) ect… and include a simple prototype that you put together yourself. When you have that you might get somewhere (also providing you’re not foolishly trying to create an MMO game)

I do not agree. recipes for success are vast and different . So often the best works are done when you step up to the canvas with no idea and just start putting on paint . Everyone at blender artist want to tell others why there idea wont work .I found in life it is so often a surprise to all what thing becomes a success and how they became to be.

i couldnt agree more

Stepping up to a canvas and just starting to paint is an okay idea for a lone artist, but it has close to 0% chance of success when you need a team.
It’s not like there are a bunch of talented game designers just sitting around waiting for someone to tell them they should make a game.

Ok, someone has to step up to the plate. Even if this game doesn’t turn out, im sure i could learn even more through it.
Ok, so here are a couple of my ideas, very simple ideas mind you.

  1. A top down shooter. You’re a soldier and you have to run around and kill zombies/aliens, and collect important items
  2. I always liked making hover/space speeder type games. We could make a simple speeder game with multiple tracks.
  3. Some type of puzzle game, you have to use your mouse to click on things so that the character can move onto the next level.

Kendrick, if you are serious about this, leave a message and pm me. Lets discuss, the game type, who does what, then lets start and see where this takes us. I can model pretty much anything except for characters, but I am decent with pretty much everything else. Since they aren’t many people joining, i say we start small. Try use mainly logic bricks (python where necessary). Can your cpu handle glsl? (that always adds an extra boost to the look of the game). If we try keep it simple, then we have a higher chance of finishing this project.
Looking forward to hearing from you…

here is my idea: a 2.5D adventure game??

Like mario! but different!

why don’t you join the other projects instead of making your own ?

Because some people aren’t followers, but leaders. If no one starts a project, how are others supposed to join? :wink:

Well there doesn’t seem to be a lot of leading going on here since the OP seems to have taken GE-FORCE’s advice.

We are in the process of getting some details straight. Obviously we aren’t discussing every behind the scenes thing on the forum. It’s just taking a little bit to get started, thats all :yes:

http://blenderartists.org/forum/showthread.php?t=196901 this is the new thread for the game

more detail would help us greatly. Although I have my own project going on at the moment, I would be happy to help. But the more detail there is, the better.