a new wip for jessethemid! -starting plating/greeble

edit: latest image:

first post:

ok, I’ve finally started a new wip, I don’t have much time now but here’s a progress image, just started modelling, no greeble, textures, or anything else:


ok, now I can type more…

I don’t really have an idea for this, except that it just kinda turned out like it is… I’ll be adding lots more detail, and practicing my texturing.

comments? critiques? ideas?

edit #2:
btw, I’m hoping to get this gallery-worthy, so far I’m happy with the lights (headlight thingy’s and the window lights are my favorite, I’ll mess with the rest…)

edit #3:
btw, no ray-tracing used yet, I’m hoping not to have to, I’m also using 2.43 RC3, and it’s still a tiny bit glitchy

just playing around with light, I’m beginning to love spot lights,

any improvement? please tell me what you think.

Edit: wip image removed, you can find it at:

I can’t see a crapload of it. Spotlights look nice, though. :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s a pretty cool looking front-of-a-jeep-and-nondescript-red-thing, hope to see more :).

WTH is a Greeble, also?


lol!!!1 google!!

hey, we were all new once.

Greeble = all the semi-random details that add a sense of scale to a model esp. mechanical.

thx for the comments. I’ve had others saying it looks too much like a jeep too, I think I’ll change it somehow in the front…

I didn’t say it was a jeep, I can’t TELL what it is. The model might, in fact, look like a space-ship. You don’t really have to change the front, but if all you can see are two spotlights and something that looks like a grill, then it’ll look like a jeep. Just get some lights, is all.

Omg! Teh not searching teh webzors! Teh duh!

Also, Wikipedia FTW.

ok, basic textureing started, here’s a pic with more light…

Edit: WIP image removed, you can find it here:

also, is this angle better? -and I think I’ll make the texture darker.

ok, normal mapping, spec mapping, ref mapping, more lights done.

to do:
add paneling to texture
texture small red ship
add more small ships?
work on background.

the image:
Edit: WIP progress image removed, you can find it here:

comments? thoughts? If you have any ideas for a background PLEASE tell me! I’m getting low on ideas.

also, next comes a slightly altered grill-looking section

edit: I think I’ll also add some small lights like in the front on the sides, what do you guys think?

last update for tonight (its 10:30 PM here).

-added lights
-tweaked textures and lights


what do you think? am I losing the overall feel of the pic by brightening it up?

all comments deeply appreciated!

I like the brightening, it means we can see the modelling. The ship iitself we need more detail though, I’m sure you’re planning to work on that. Good start.

He’s gonna greeble it up at a later stage.

thanks soo much for commenting…
shame on the rest of you 150 views that didnt…

update: started greeble/ more lighting fixes:
two material tests, which do you like better?
also, I changed the front a little… is it better?

and the other material for tubes:

and a concept for greeble,
the blue = more pipes
tan-greeny color = extruded panels with stuff on top
dark red = recessed panels with lots of tiny greebles.

I like the concept for the greeble. overall, it needs work. but that’s kinda what it’s getting.

just to give you an idea, here’s what I’m working on (attached)


basic top plating done, will be more detailed soon…