A newcomer to rigging, please help!

Hello All!
I am normally found in the deep dark depths of the Game Engine thread, but i am currently venturing into the wide world of rigging!
I have basic skills with rigging - IK, constraints e.g ragdolls, but i have not got much of the detailed basic knowledge needed! :no:
What i am looking for, is someone to help me expand some of their knowledge in this area.
If anyone is able, could they leave any information to the below questions?

(These particular questions relate to a pair of hands + 2 armatures, which i wish to join

  • How would i join two armatures, but still use automatic weights for two seperate meshes
  • How can i clear all weight painting on a model

For first question, go into weight paint mode and fix. For second, when you parent armature to weights, the last line at the bottom of the window that pops up should give you no weights at all.

Even though he’s using an alien, this is the most advanced rigging tutorial ive ever seen.

So there is no option to clear weight paint? ok :confused:
I’m using automatic weights;
when i join the armatures, and then reparent the meshes using automatic weights, the armature moves at a wierd ratio to the mesh, in pose mode when i manipulate a bone