A(nother) free human rig.


I have been working on a game project for a while now and my task has been modeling, texturing and rigging the characters.
My job is now complete and I thought I share the human base and the basic rig we use.

I have added a couple of stuff we don’t use in the game, EG. the “grow muscle bone”

There is no textures on the model because I did not get the permission to share that but the model is UV-unwrapped and ready if you wan’t to texture it.
There is also no shapekeys for the phonemes (mouth sounds).

I would like to hear what you think of the rig and the way I set it up, this is my first “advance” rig so all feedback is welcome.

And of course if you make any animations with it I would love to see them.:smiley:

(New version is upp)


Holmens human rig v2.blend (875 KB)

Looks good. I will have to mess around with it. Thanks for sharing.

Here is my 2 cents worth on the rig.

Did you realize he is 36 feet tall? The default cube is 2 meters tall. I stacked up 6 against his height. Maybe scaling him down in not a problem, but I have ran into rigs breaking when they get scaled.

He is naked. Generally you still can not show naked people in a presentation. So even if I wanted to work with this rig, I would have to rule it out for that reason.

Also, it would make it easier to select the facial controls if they were brought out to circular head ring control.

Overall I like the feel of the rig and it did not blow out when I tried to stress it. Good job!

Thanks Atom!
Haha, no I never realized he was that tall, I will scale him down and fix it up.
Yeah he is naked but I can put on a couple of boxers while I am at it, no problem.

Facial controlls, do you mean the “thingies” on his face or the eye trackers?!
The “thingies” on his face are on a seperate layer so it should not be a problem when you block out the animation, start big, end small.
I mean start with the poses and general movement and end with facial expression once you got the general movement done.
That is why I also put the controlls for the fingers on a seperate layer.

But thanks again for the feedback I really want to make a rig who can be to some use for people.

haha… does being naked count if you don’t have genitals? Or is the penis hidden away on another layer? :rolleyes:

Looks good! There are a lot of techniques on here that I haven’t seen elsewhere, and that’s always great to see!

I like the approach to the face too! One thing I would suggest is having a bone in the center of the eyebrow which serves as the IK target for both sides. That way you have one control for the middle, and one for each side. The behaviour is also more realistic that way, since the brows always point towards eachother (atleast on me ;)).

Nice job!

I loled.

Some interesting stuff in this rig, nice work!

I fixed the size of him and added a control for both the eyelids.
I also put on a couple of boxers on him.

Take a look at him and I hope you like and and might find some use for it.

Version nr 2 is up in the first post.