a pile of bodies ?

hi, I’m a painter and rather rudimentary with Blender but I was wondering if I could use it to create & light a pile of bodies (well, actually multiple/experiment). Does anybody by any chance have lying around some human with ragdoll set on it that I could just duplicate a lot and let fall into piles/holes? I intend to light the scene in blender and then paint over it so it’s not important for me that the models or render are great, as it would be but a start for lighting and arrangement (I do however need them to be standard human size, eg, not caricatures or boxes so that I can make out at least some nose/eyes and hands to start from).

Another alternative idea if this is too hard in Blender I wanted to ask if you know of some other free tool, such as maybe Unreal UDK or Gary’s Mod of Halflife where I could create the pile of bodies and somehow then export them into blender? I’ve seen quite cool simulations with large numbers of human ragdolls in various youtube clips, but I assume most of those kinds of things don’t then havea freeze scene & export so I wanted to first ask if anybody knows of something like that.

Thank you in advance!