A place were dreams are made true...

Helloo Blenderheads, i would just like to show off my latest scene, its a car showroom, nothing special really, but from now on whenever i finish a car model i will import it into this showroom for some very special shots :slight_smile:

also if you would like to know where i got the idea from then this i what my showroom is heavily based on with just a few changes.

feedback is welcome :stuck_out_tongue:

The refection on the panel seems to be off.

I agree the reflection from th back wall looks a little odd. Something not quite right with the mix / add of diffuse and reflection?

i think you 2 are right there, it has no specularity so at least i can rule that out, i’ll have a look today and see what i can do to sort it, cheers :slight_smile:

right heres what it looks like when its being used for its main purpose :slight_smile:

looks good, i think the reflection on the car is a little too much, but i think if you rendered in cycles it would improve that :smiley:

good work :slight_smile:

thanks for the advice peter18 :slight_smile:
i have another blenderhead atm working on a cycles version of this (as my home computer just cant handle cycles) i’ll upload it to this thread when he has finished it and of course give him credit for it :slight_smile: