a poll about voice acting

Kole and I(Jason) are making a game in blender, but this is about the voice acting(VA)
Kole want’s the russain accent to be from a real russian, I on the other hand want a VA to be putting on a russian accent…

Jason’s Defense
a russian is used to speaking russian and even with a script it’s going to sound force a little because it’s a second language, i’d rather have a half decent accent with fluent dialog.

Kole’s Defense
grammar as russian would have russian centence structure

Get a Russian voice actor. Best of both worlds.

yeah that would be nice but it would have to be someone willing to work for nothing…

an example of what I don’t want is the narration in Metro 2033

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Well, 4A games is from the Ukraine, if they are fine witht he voice acting… for what I heared the voice actors are ukrainian, but I got no proof for that.
Although I found it tidious myself at some points but you can always play it in russian with english subs.
Maybe our hollywood-russian damaged ears can´t perceive real russian english as such anymore =)

The first honest question you got to ask yourself, is the quality of your production so high, that all people would worry about is an acted russian accent rather than other stuff.
Thats perfectionism you need when your going after top notch quality - can you do that?
Metro´s quite considered a major product with some budget behind the scenes.
And thats what they came up with, along with the bleeding edge dx11, you feel insulted by the voice acting.

Ask yourself what people will say about your production once its done?
“Good stuff what they did for no budget, the russian accent acting is quite nice too. Overall it has a consistent quality and I am sure there is good stuff to come”
“I wonder where they got the kickass russian voice actors considering the rest looks rather crappy, they should have focused on animation/lighting/rendering/character development/story/anatomy - that way they´ll never come up with anything good”

Neospeech, Acapela, loquendo voices…:smiley: