A pool in the night

I’ve been making this pool
please share your c&cs


That looks very nice.

One thing I would recommend would be to add a bump map to the pool decking because right now it looks too flat. Also, something that might look cool would be to add a light in the pool. You are using fluid sim right?

Keep up the good work

I am not using the fluid sim and I have added light sources inside the pool

Looks promising. I know it’s at night, but I’d consider making it lighter so you can see what’s going on.Night time doesn’t necessary equate to darkness; Nightime introduces a whole new host of light sources and the trick is dealing with these.
I’ve noticed some inexperienced modellers use darkness to cover up mistakes and weaknesses in their model. I’m not suggesting you’re doing that, since what I can see looks Ok, but whenever I see a dark scene I always think that.