A poorly done logo

Really, anyone here could have done better…


lol, that is horrible.

All government logos/designs are terrible.

OMG, i would have made a similar quality image when i was 11 years old and playing with MS paint…


Sigh… At least we know they take it seriously. Right?

Wow. And I thought the government didn’t have a sense of humor.

That’s horrible. Honestly…

I don’t think it was THAT bad. I just think its funny!

it all depends on where the logo will be placed, for a website display or printed display on paper that logo is horrible, but for a logo that would be embroidered for example, that isn’t to bad, what you have to realize that the image might have been resized (due to some distorted graphics it looks smaller) and you never know why they used it or maybe there was a very good reason for them to use something g as simple as that

No, just… no.

Dude looks more like a hunter than a terrorist. Maybe hunters are terrorists? I like that. Let’s rid this nation of all its hunters!

jk, by the way.

Whats wrong with that logo? i think its pretty wicked myself. Its a dude with a gun with a red cross through him… Awesome

Look behind the gun…

I think this was something else originally

To me it looks like a rambo gumby character. The red circle with the slash is at a really bad angle (should be @ 45 degrees ?) I also note that the “artist” forgot to airbrush the gray inside of the circle. A fine use of tax dollars I would say. From concept to completion, I would give it a D- at best.

Maybe its an anti NJROTC logo.