A popping we will go

My objects move well but very so often an action will be triggered (turning action) but will not turn I have it set so when the action is triggered the rot motion will be triggered as well
This only happens with turning actions My objects have about 4 actions Please look at the image to see how i set everything up. Both turning actions are on a positive pulse not sure if that matters but i have tired lots of different setups and still sometimes an action is triggered but not the motion hope this makes sense



I had a short look at you setup. Do you know that the Delay sensor triggers the controller/actuators after the delay and does not dactivate the actuators?

That means the sensor9 activates act5. Later sensor7 activates act3 which compensate act5 resulting in no turn.

I hope this helps

I didn’tt know any of that. I spent days trying to solve this problem. Now, can i set this up so it will deactivate the actuators? a little detail please


My problem is that I do not see what you are trying to do. You might replace the delay sensors with keyboard sensors and check what happens when you press the according keys.

Be aware, the actions play from 1 to 27 = 27 frames, while the rotation is performed as long as the actuators are active. That can be anything (most likely not 27 frames).

such things are better implemented with states:

one state for left turn one for right turn.

when entering the state, start the rotation and the action. Leave the state when the action actuator finished (e.g. triggered by the actuator sensor).

I hope this helps

I was using delay because i can set the amount of duration, so the turn works great. With other objects added they avoid each so you get a pseudo A I Using a random sensor the turn will last around about 1 and half turns which is what i don’t want. on the delay i have the repeat button pressed so it should repeat. I was looking into states but wasn’t sure how i would set it up.


if you want to implement a random behaviour havea look at this fun project. Maybe you can extract something from the logic :).