A possibility that I have been recently thinking about

Could one make a Text-Based game out of Blender?

IDK if anyone play those Extreme Wrestling Revenge, Front Office Football games where you are a Owner/Manager of a team and it’s Text-Based sports sim.

Well I was thinking, is it possible to do something simular to it?

It would be possible, but I don’t think blender is the best engine for that.
If you were going to do it you may have more luck with an online HTML coded version, much lighter weight and it could be multiplayer.

Are you planning on using the bge’s console for the text display, and the bge for input detection? It’s possible, but a bit indirect. You’d be better off just using a standard python console.

There will be predetermined Text already on the BGE. It’s like a point and click management type game. Where if you choose such and such button then there could be different possibilities to what can happen.

Yeah, you could do it; you could do pretty much any type of game with the BGE; it’s probably not the best engine for the job (there are text adventure game engines out there that you can mess with).

Yeah. I was just thinking of “Pushing” the boundaries so to speak. I’m def be using Dynamic Loading for this game. Trying to use seperate “Libaries” to see if this could work out. That was always a dream of my to do, to create a “Management Sims” type of game.