A Possible Setback?

Here’s my dilemma.

I recently decided to give my model a new change of clothes for a certain scene that I am working out. Now, I appended the model, with a set of clothes, into another scene and have already animated that model in the file.

If I created another set of clothes on the male character that I have on one file, delete the other model that was already animated in the other, save the animation tracks on that file, and link the same model back in with the new set of clothes, can I still use the same animations that I saved?

As long as the rig is the same this should work as far as I know. Another approach (depending on how you’re managing your renders), is to just add the clothes to the same character, say on another layer. Then when you’re rendering the appropriate scene, go back to your linked library character and turn off visibility/renderability for the clothes you don’t want. I use the ‘edit linked library’ addon for this kind of stuff regularly.

Edit linked Library? Never heard of that one. Where can I find it?

I think if you go to the User Preferences->Add Ons, the edit linked library might be one of them that now comes with Blender.


Should be included, but you need to enable ‘Community’ addons to find it.

Found it. It made it somewhat easy.