A problem I have run into while using Blender.

Hey guys i’m new to the 3d animating scene, Blender wise.

In the past I have used Cinema 4D and ZBRUSH.

So right now what im trying to do is add shoes to a Rig that I downloaded.
Now I am able to add the shoes onto the character layer but, via ctrl j.
But whenever i go to move the mans feet the shoes don’t follow.
I’m getting the feeling im going about this the wrong way.

I’m trying to make a figure run with the shoes i have in a obj file.

So what is the best way to do this, am i doing something wrong. It appears that maybe the mesh’s are not combining.

Any help would be GREATLY appreaciated.
I also have included the file in case any of you wizz’s want to help me.problem.blend (1.09 MB)

Thanks, Zac

The shoe is not weighted to any bone. Go into weight paint mode and you’ll see it is blue (zero weight) when you select a bone.

Ok that makes sense and is true, but i’m not 100% sure on how to fix this. If you were hinting at something i missed it, sorry.

Richard after a quick google search I discovered how to fix the problem thanks to your reply.

You’re a true legend.

Thanks again, Zac

PS. here is the page i followed http://wiki.blender.org/index.php/Doc:2.4/Tutorials/Animation/BSoD/Character_Animation/Upper_body_weight_painting#Parenting_the_eyes_to_the_head_bone

The way this works is that the mesh has vertex groups with the same name as armature bones. When you assign vertex weights to those groups, that group will follow the correspoding bone, with that weight.
Put the armature in pose mode, then select the mesh and go in weight paint mode so that you see the weights. Now you can select the bones, which also selects the right vertex group for you and shows the weights. If you then tab into edit mode, you could select some vertices from the mesh parts that are going to be assigned to the selected bone, press ctrl+L to select all linked and then check you have the weight slider all the way up to 1 and press ‘assign’ on the object data properties where you have the vertex groups. Tab back into weight paint mode to check the weights and that you got all the parts (you can also move the foot bones).

If you have separate objects that don’t deform, you can parent them to the bones. It’s also possible to copy the armature modifier to those objects and assign weights the same way, if they do deform or you just want to make them follow with vertex weights.