A problem with visual object selection - missing.

Hi all, I need some help regarding selection of objects. It isn’t a major problem rather an annoying problem. Which hopefully somebody may be in a position to help me rectify.

Screen grab 1 shows the normal visual indication when one either right clicks on an object or, as in this case, I selected all objects on layers 1 and 2 by pressing“A” key.

Whereas Screen grab 2 shows nothing concerning the object either if I right click it or as in this case I select all objects on layers 1 & 2 by pressing key “A “. The only way I know that the object has been selected is by keeping a constant eye on the top right properties screen. After a time this gets somewhat frustrating, not the end of the world, but I’m getting a bit fed up with it.

If I go back to earlier iterations of the file I can see a visual indication that I’ve selected the object as normal. So I can only conclude that I’ve hit a key combination which has turned off the object highlight.

Anybody know how I can get it back? Please.

Cheers in advance,

maybe transparency is checked in your object properties?

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Thank you very much for responding. I checked the transparency setting and no it wasn’t that. So then I checked out all the other settings and found on the N panel under ‘display’ that the outline selection wasn’t;

Therefore thank you so very much for indirectly solving my immediate problem. :yes: SOLVED !!!