A problem

I am having a problem with a game that I am making. I want it so that when the circles are hit plane.006 moves. The problem is it doesn’t work. Please tell me whats wrong. I have a sreen shot of the logic brickes attached


Your problem could be that it is just hard to have a collision with six objects at the exact same time. Try using near sensors with a very small distance. Also, that setup would just cause plane.006 to “jerk”, not move continually. To fix the second problem, make the collision set a value of property move to “1”. Then, add a second row of logic bricks that say: “if property move is 1, apply a dloc to plane.006”. Make sure pulse is on. (the first “…” button).

I think I found the problem. I replaced the AND controller with a with an OR controller and it worked.