(bryanandhallie) #1

This is my ps2 that I spent like 3 hours on

Im currently stuck on applying lattice deformations to meshes, so if someone could help with that… but what do you think?

(maniac4hire) #2

I’d change the color from black when posting renders in a WIP as its hard to see details. Other then that not much to critique.

(yu_wang) #3

Most of the details are still missing, so I’ve almost nothing to comment so far… :-?

In case you haven’t done so (I can’t see!), consider bevelling the edges. Right now they look like they can cut someone.

(way2lazy2ca) #4

i agree with maniac, but for a PS2 most of the work isn’t really in the model so much as the texture and such… it really depends how detailed you want to get…

(bryanandhallie) #5

Is the ps2 edges really that bevled enough to be noticed in real life? If I added bevling… well maybe.

I shall try it and add a new pic up

(yu_wang) #6

To be physically accurate, the edges certainly are bevelled. Otherwise the PS2 would be recalled for the deadly threat it poses to the gamers’ delicate fingers when they handle it. :stuck_out_tongue:

Unless you plan to put the PS2 in an interior design scene - but you have to include this detail if it is your subject.

(bryanandhallie) #7

Heh yea this is true, but the interior design?! I was kinda thinking about that…

But Im still having problems with some of the modeling in it, so Ill post a pic when Im farther along

but another question, for the textures. For anyone who has a ps2 look at the mica like texture. How can I repreduce that?

(4Daniel) #8

I’d add a Stucci texture, and make it small and not too prominent. That should add to the mica look. And also set Spec to the Stucci texture.

(yu_wang) #9

I meant like putting the PS2 in a room with lots of other stuff so you don’t need that much detail or something…but it’s irrelevant, so think of it no more!

(way2lazy2ca) #10

I wudn’t use stucci… it’s a little bit too large for the really fine look on a PS2… there’s a lot of textures out and about… you could probably find it if you googled it…

(thelonesoldier) #11

Can’t you just scale it?