A python script for OPEN CV to detect the motion of a rigged character and its contours

Hello to everyone. I’m trying to capture the facial movements of a human figure inside a video with Blender + Open CV + 2 custom python scripts found on Youtube. Below you can see how it looks.

What do u think ? I’m wondering if I can also capture the movements of the whole body with the same tecnique,maybe with another python script,because I read that Open CV can detect the motion and the contours :

will be hard to make a custom python script for this matter ? Someone here is good at writing python scripts ? let me know…

Hi there.

Could you please tell me whether you were able to do this animation to a different model other than vincent. And if yes, could you please guide me through it.


yes,I’ve been able,but its not perfect. It’s from sometime that I think to hire a developer to find a better tecnique,which involves for sure to change the vertex values inside the python code.

You might be interested to check the “Open Pose” project. I just learnt about that one recently and it really looks impressive.

I know openpose,but I’m more interested to the integration between openpose and blender,I mean this :

but it is hard to install it in linux because it requires the installation of a lot of complicated libraries,such as openpose,pyopenpose and all the dependencies. I need help to achieve this. Some time ago i did this,but in Windows. The addon got installed well,but it didn’t work well. it was incomplete. It was able only to move the face. It didnt’ work for the whole body. I need that it is able to move specially the legs. If it is not able to move the whole body,at this point,only for the face I can use open cv,that it works easily and it is also good.

this is the character that I have created starting with vincent and animated using that script :

I created the face with CC3 and animated with blender and the open pose script. this is my face,but because I’m not able to modify the script it has the same size of the vincent face.