A python text RPG

just started learning python so I decided to remake a text RPG that I did in darkbasic a couple of years ago(back when I was a preteen who thought game programming was cool but impossible.
(Darkbasic was the first language I ever learned and by that I mean knew somewhat fluently, I tried Blitz3d and didn’t like it but then found that there were better things such as darkbasic, and yes now I am mac only back then I had a windows netbook around the time netbooks first started popping up with a weird slow graphics card that could handle halo 1 at the most)

But anyway back to the point the game. here it is

Apocalypse the text RPG

#this is my first real python project

print ‘Apocalypse’

print “what would you like your character’s name to be”
charactername = raw_input()

print ‘your characters name is ’ + charactername + ’ you will use this name’
print ‘the whole game’

Thats it I know it is not much, but I know no python and have yet to do a tutorial. These are just general commands in the BASIC language that everybody should know
But since right now that’s all the python syntax I know(Basic syntax) which is pretty universal and would work in just about any language.

edit: If you have code for any other basic text RPG please post it here.

I like the idea of your project, but I can’t really help you. If you find any good BGE resources please post them here, as I am gathering as many resources as I can, especially python related ones.

Other than that, nice qoute and good luck. :smiley:

Interesting Idea, however i will be more interested when you get some gameplay going…

could you post the darkbasic exe
Edit: oh wait your on mac huh