A Question about duplicating

Is it possible to duplicate an object from one scene to another.I hope it is , because , for example - if I want to append many objects(that are parented to each other) from .blend file , I have to use Apend Scene,but if i want to append other parented objects from another .blend file,i want them in the same scene as the first ones.I hope you understand what i wrote , because im not from where people speak English. :expressionless:

So what you want is to get one object to another sceen?
select the object and hit Ctrl+L, then a little menu pops up, and you hit “To sceen…”

Yesssssss,It is possible.Thanks NOR.J.

                               (Damn,I LOOOVE BLENDER)

Careful with that feature though, since it doesn’t duplicate it, but “links” it, meaning that if you then move the object in your new scene it will move the object in the old scene as well. You can stop this by duplicating the linked object within the new scene.

You can also tell if an object is a linked object because their object center is blue instead of orangish or purple.