A Question About The SlowMotion effect

Hi again :smiley: I have another problem,Now with the slow motion effect (you know , that slowMotionHitSpace.blend file).So the problem is that in the blend file the slowmotion speed is perfect , just the way i want it , but in an exe file the slow motion almost has no difference from the ordinary speed :frowning: .Is there a way to fix this?Oh , and in an exe file the speed of the camera also changes :-? .

in Blender everything works abit slower, or ‘easyer to effect game speed’, And the .exe is Faster and works better, so the problem here is that the slow motion effect bearly effect the .exe, what i think you can do to fix this is to set the time between every time the other sceen suspend and resume the game sceen. I dont know anny other ways.

Enlighten me about the slowmotion thing, please… like what’s the address for the .blend, etc…


OK,thanks NOR.J :smiley: JimRayden,search one of my posts,there is a link somewhere.

JimRayden: I’ve uploaded a modified file of Nor.J’s slowmotion effect. It can be used in 2.34 now. (I uncompressed it) To get the file, check: https://blenderartists.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=30805 :slight_smile:

Thanks for that! I’ve been having the same problem!