A question...

(jbelanche) #1

Hi folks, I’ve a question :wink:
is there any way to make or simulate a particle system in realtime¿?

(gargola) #2

was it Saluk or S_W?..guys? if it was anybody else,please excuse me. :smiley:

ps: i’m talking about someone that made or was going to make particles with a python script.or was it my imagination??? :-? :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue: :o :-?

(SeaCigar) #3

if pooba sees this he should be able to help you.

I actually was going to post the same question, more or less, so you saved me some trouble.

(saluk) #4

Yeah, that was me. I made a particle script for Soldier Down, for now download that and you should be able to save the script (ctrl-shift-f in python window to save the text) to use in your own games.

Tomorrow I think I’ll upload a demo file with just the script and an example without all the other soldier down stuff.

(saluk) #5

Yeah, I posted my particle script straight out of soldier down. Upon looking at it, I realize it’s quite limited and simplistic, so I may write a new one one of these days. All the particles have to be premade and parented to an empty, then you add the empty from an invisible layer and it sends the particles along. All the particles have to have the scripts etc set up, so the easiest way to make a particle system is to create the empty and ONE particle, set up it’s properties and logic bricks, parent it to the empty, and then test it out. Once you like the settings, duplicate the particle object as many times as you need for how many particles you want.

You can download this script along with my two other scripts (Uv animation and animated textures) at the spinhead site.