a quick ? about UVs

I was wanting to paint a sign on my dog house I modeled. So the model is of a board shape. Yet when I unwrap it, all the faces are perfectly square. I get an error in the top right corner of blender saying it is “not scaled 1.0”. Can someone tell me what I have done wrong?


You might want to “apply scale” first. Also avoiding problems if you export to other engines.

“not scaled 1.0” is an error , which can be removd by applying the scale . In Object Mode press “CTRL+A” and select scale to apply it.

for uv. select the back and front polygons. and in front view press “U” and select “Project from view” this give you proper sizes. repeat for “top-bottom” and “left-right” faces too.

Thanky, Thanky, Thanky. I knew it had to be something simple. I just wasnt seeing it.
Thanks again, Yall
Mike the Glassdog