A quick question regarding combining scenes

Hi guys,

Would I still be able to edit my final scene (scaling, moving, rotating objects, changing HDRs, changing node settings) after combining three different scenes each with a different HDR?

Thank you in advance!

What? You want to combine 3 scenes with different hdris in compositin? You have in every scene an object?
If you use in every scene a different hdri they will look totally off if you combine them.

To your question. If you render the image new and already have the compositing node setup ready it will update to your changes.

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Thank you for your reply!

Compositing might have been the wrong topic :slight_smile:

Well, I have a character with an HDR, I have another Blender file that contains an object with another HDR, and 1 more like that. I want each HDR to affect only its corresponding object when they are all in one scene.

What would be the best way to combine these different Blender files into 1 scene?

By the way, it won’t be an image but a simple 10 seconds animation.

Ah okay, i think the easiest way would be to render all the characters with an alpha background and the background separately. In one of the files you composite the render with the others.

Though you might want to have in every blendfile the same background but sometimes only the reflections for render(for the alpha). This could look more integrated into the whole scene.

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Thank you very much for your reply. I hope I will manage :slight_smile:

Everything that you seek to combine should be prepared in exactly the same way so that the number-ranges are compatible. RGB=(22.0, 33.0, 44.0) should mean exactly the same color in each.