A quick question

I guees this is the right place to post this :S

Ive modelled a character and she is all one mesh, i am now giving her the final touches and on the cloth/leather bits of her armour i am giving her the cloth properties (i have already weight painted her) the problem is when i give the selected area a cloth property (I.E her belt i gave leather) it gave the whole model that property even though only the belt is selected.

could someone walk me through how to give certain bits of her different cloth properties

Thanks in advance

I cant upload the .blend file as my interent connection at the moment is terrible

thanks again

I’m thinking that each item that you want to be cloth has to be a separate mesh object.


OK, is there anyway I can make the items i want to be cloth seperate mesh objects?


In edit mode, select all the vertices you want to be a separate object and use p-key to separate into a new object.


Thank you sooo much, I am forever in your debt :smiley: