****** a REAL-TIME GPU FLUID SIM addon? PLEASE VOTE! ******

I know this way of posting is obnoxious, but its crazy how little traction this is getting. This team who presented their GPU fluid solver at Siggraph 2017 is asking the 3d GFX community which application should get a plugin first. I really think it would be incredibly empowering for the Blender community.

Check out the demo and vote here!

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How the heck does lightwave3d have the most votes (220)? I didn’t think it had that many users left.


I have noticed that for a while there has been a big demand/interest from the Lightwave community for a fluid simulation tool. There is a commercial plugin called Deep Rising FX that is released and in active development (forum thread).

I hope you don’t feel unappreciated, Ryan! I own and love your product as well - just looking for something fast for certain uses! I doubt it makes any sense from a coding standpoint but maybe you could collab with these guys…

everyone VOTE!!!

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Thanks! Not feeling unappreciated at all. The support that we have received from the Blender community has far exceeded our expectations. I’m all for more fluid options in Blender and It sounds like Mantaflow will soon be going into code review for integration into 2.8, but it would also be awesome to have a quick or real-time solution for fluid effects.


Help vote to make Blender the first 3D program to get a plugin for real-time machine learning-based physics simulation!

Check out a demo video here: Physics forest simulation demo

If you go to the download page of the project’s website: vote here!
you can vote for which plugin you’d like to see made first.

I know there are a ton of awesome Blender users out there who’d love to see this integrated with the CG industry’s undisputed champion of 3D software, so go vote! (for Blender obviously)


I really do hope people vote for this. I played with the demo and its super impressive.

Really good, but using only CUDA and probably base on NVidia technology, also check the license

BUMP! Please vote yall.

vote now now.

@zanzio have you checked out lightwaves website recently? They are no slouch to the 3d game by any means. Just they kind of went back burner when the Amiga had it’s days and Lightwave was becoming a name and being seen in credits of tv shows. Then Amiga somewhat folded and unfolded and folded and never went total oragami but is sort of around still but isn’t what it was. I was one of those deluxe paint, digi paint, video toaster with lightwave buffs but back then who wanted to wait an hour and a half just to get a solid preview non-wireframe. But Lightwave and Newtek still kept development going despite their hopes for the Amiga world and its crash and burn.

But when I looked up lightwave recently I seen quite a bit of rather awesome stuff for it now. That being said though I wouldn’t say that I would switch as I hadn’t used lightwave since the Video Toaster days. But If Lightwave users are like Amiga users they are die hard followers and would jump off a bridge if needed to prove their point. :wink:

I think the reason is because LightWave users these days are mostly hobby users who like to play with FX tools in LightWave. Clouds, water and smoke get the most posts/views/replies on the forums.

Then the studios using LightWave are also primarily using it for VFX shots. It should be no surprise as that is mostly what LightWave was used for when it was most popular over 15 years ago.

LightWave is all but dead now. However I think they have kind of figured out a way to financially keep it plugged into a life support machine with a few developers squashing bugs and maybe over time gradually adding some features. They don’t appear to be putting any effort into the promises made over the last 3 years which it too bad, considering those promises and the groundwork for the future was left incomplete. There is no roadmap or any clue as to what is to come. But it is pretty obvious with the few people left, that it won’t be much.

Blender reached first place, keep up the momentum, everyone!

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Keep it up keep it up!