A recommended source for BGE python scripting? Is the THe place?

I don’t want ot have ask questions if there is good documentation available (and I have no problem updating or injecting) but I am curious as to if there is a good resource for BGE only related scripting. I like the quazi IDE in the python console and I come from a C++ world (novice, nothing professional).

I love python(so far) because it just seems to make sense (coming from a C++ world). Im not looking for basics (such as syntax) but more so, I guess actual BGE examples.

It seems to be common standard to steal everyone elses .py file but that doesn’t teach me anything :slight_smile: For instance mouselook.py. I want to write it, not copy and paste it.

Thank you for any suggestions, even harsh ones tell me to eff off :stuck_out_tongue:

Have a look at http://www.nilunder.com/tutorials . Sadly, he has quit the BGE now, but his hands-on examples are excellent, as is his teaching style.

Thank you for the information.

Look at the stickies in the Game Engine Support forum. There are lots of information there that are specific to BGE scripting.