A robot character (newbie - WIP)

(Sorry for weird English - I’m not native speaker)
Hi to all! I’m relative newbie to Blender, and this is my first serious project. Because I don’t have a skill for making a organic shapes nor experience to make it I decided to try to do a robotic character.

It’s still in progress, all materials are simple placeholders. But roughly shape of robot is in place and it has even a simple rig.

I post it because I need some feedback before I progress more. I’m unsure if I chose a right way to add “technical” details (bolts, fissures between parts). Currently I make a bolts as “floating” meshes over “main” shapes and fissures (between robot’s face parts) as simple blurred lines in bump maps. This is right way to do it? I need be sure before I began working on robot chest.

My overall aim is a reasonable performance in EEVEE on a average PC and approximating the photorealism.

Second: I ask for a sincere feedback about overall character design. I wanted balance between technical realism and “likeability” of the robot.

And Happy New Year to all! And sorry for poor grammar.

Sorry for double (triple posting) but I want to post overall figure and this only let me upload on per post, mods please delete if I shouldn’t do it.