A rookie question ( how humbling...)

I’m dupliverting grass on a grid mesh, but all the blades of grass emit from the object center instead of each vert. What am I doing wrong? :-?
OK, they are coming from verts, but only 11 verticies emit unless I set TimeOffset into the negatives.
Is that the only way to up the limit?
Hm… it only acts that way when set to ‘static’. Time for more research…( you guys know I’d eventually answer my own question eh? …)

not exactly a direct answer, but for grass i’d use the fiber script.

I tried it, got errors when I hit create (reminds me of that tree making script.) I’ll try again later 8)

don’t use particles if you want grass from each vertex.

If you do use particals, press the Face button to emit particals from faces.