A room WIP

I am making a room.

i dont really know how to do a power chord…i triedit for the lamp, and it looks fine, but not close up (you cant really see it in this shot.). anyway, the plug-in thing was done fast, so was the outlet.

about 30 mins so far.

tell me what you think!

OR ELSE!!! :< j/k :smiley:


Add more lights.

Hehehe, power cord! (A power chord is mainly used by kid rockers!)


It looks good so far, but as thelonesoldier said, add more lights so we can see it in more detail.
Look forward to seeing it with more done.

root note and the 5th :smiley:

crikey it’s a bit dark though add some more lights

by power chord, i probably meant an electrical chord…

just use some AO till your ready to set the final scene for a beauty shot, easier to do, and shows off all the details nicely. AO is located under the materials panels under world.

There is no h in cord when referring to electronics (or any cables). A “chord” is a musical term.

Just FYI.

well, i hear that term used all the time here…

anyway ill work on the lghts.