A Rose

Tonight, I’ve been busy reading the yafray wiki, so I decided to try out some of the cool features by modeling a rose.:smiley: Comments + critique welcome, as always.
Edit: rendered a large version for my desktop.

Very nice, I love the glass texturing, and the caustics are perfect, IMO. The modeling’s really nice, too. Very sharp.

Updated with large picture. Rendertime 2 hours 30 min.

But how do you get volume caustics like that in Yafray? I can get reflecting caustics but for some reason I can’t get volume caustics to save my life. What settings are you using?

Very nice, I love it.

I’m glad you guys like it.
To get volumetric caustics, i believe you have to turn on “filt” under the mirror tab. By volumetric caustics, I assume you mean where an object absorbs more light (is darker) in the places that it is thicker.
Anyways, here are the material settings:


haha, veryice frodo(almost as good as ur robo spider)
Ive never been able to get any good results with yafray…
And I dont have the patience for the rendering :wink:
Keep up the awesome work
peaceout man

Who doesn’t like glassware?? :stuck_out_tongue: hehe
Pretty caustics. Good work. I guess the reading was worth it :slight_smile: