A round Tuit

Hey all, i know i havn’t been here for that long, but my intentions are to get better at modelling in general. I primarily will use this skill in Architecture, so we’ll see where things go! Any way, here is something i just made, I figure that every one of us has said something like:

“I’ll get around to it some other time…”

So here’s one NOW!!

Simple is as simple does. Nice job. Although it doesn’t seem much of a challenge to model, it’s nice work. The connector at the chain looks like it would be a pain to get the links in and out because the opening is rather small, but it looks fairly believable. Hope to see some more complicated modeling in the furure. Try to push your limits by taking on a larger project, this will help force you to learn new modeling techniques for faster and more accurate modeling. Best of luck.

Hey thanks, I was trying to see how fast i could model something once i had the idea. this was around 30 minutes to model/texture/render. Just a little contribution.

btw the wooden piece (which maybe could have benefitted by a displacement map) was done with Subsurface @ 4 subdivisions and started as two 8 vertex circles extruded 4 times and i made my own faces by selecting 4 verts at a time, if you were interested.