A school...

…for the cubicly and sphericly challenged!



I hope you like it. I worked a while on it.

OH MAN! I just forgot to add the glow thing in the post-pro in Blender composition. Ugh. I’ll have another render later. It looks a lot better with glow.

haha, perfect timing. Very appropriate to the discussion at hand and well done too!

great job.

This is so perfect on so many different levels! This brought a huge smile to my face. I just can’t seem to stop laughing. Thanks.

Oh ya, the floor and the windows are simply awesome.

Very cool, I think the light on the wall is too sharp for the distance it has to shine from window to wall, though. (Unless the sun just got about 93 million miles closer. :o ) :smiley:

Love the concept, two thumbs up!!!

Yeah, I havn’t thought about that. The refraction and stuff is the thing making the shadows soft, right?

Great Work :smiley: :smiley:

This is VERY nice. I love the pic.

I think it would look great also if you showed the light shining through the windows, maybe with Halo or somehting. Just a thought.

Great pic, love it.


I like this one, which has glow, better, because I think the glow gives it more life.

Does anyone have a tutorial on how to use the spotlight correctly? I’ve never been able to really use it right.

Nice job, couldn’t do better myself T_T

Hey, great work :smiley:
I second the request for halo on the light

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