A secluded hideaway

I’ve been wanting to do one of those “cubic room” things for a while, this one got inspired by an old French movie (“La Traversée de Paris”) although it came out quite different from what I intended.
Textures are from textures.com, made with Blender 2.82, which is really a gift to the world. I wish it had been around when I grew up, but at least I got to live long enough to play with it!
Critiques and praises are welcome alike.


the stairs look kinda weird because of the sudden cut but other than that, it looks vry nice!!

A cosy corner, for sure. I think it would look a little more realistic if the floor material was different from the walls. Maybe some flatter flagstones. The barrels look great.

And yes I was a bit lazy with the floor, I’ll look for something else.

The stairs looks too much perfect i think, make them a bit less “flat and squary” would add realism to the scene. But apart this, this is really good.

As french, i could spend a lot of time in that room eating ham and drinking wine :stuck_out_tongue:

Merci pour le commentaire!
Yes I put a bevel on those stairs but somehow the edges still look really sharp. I must be missing something, maybe how the normals are computed.

As a French living in Japan, this little work was really about going to my “comfort place”!
Unfortunately I couldn’t find any good labels in French so they’re all in English…