A Series of Blender Tuts, focused on game modelling.

As the title suggests, I’m currently working on a series of Blender tutorials focused on bringing people with no Blender knowledge up to the point where they can make 3d models for games (specifically in the .x format). I originally started this idea on The Game Creators Forums for coders wanting to know how to make art for Dark Basic Professional, but I believe it’s also relevant here too.

I’ll make it clear here and now that there are no prerequisites for these tutorials. You don’t even need to know what Blender is! I admit I’m starting off with the very basics (the very VERY basics), but I’m catering towards the complete -beginner-.

You can view the tutorials on my website, here. I’ve created 4 tutorials so far. I haven’t covered the stuff specific to game models yet, just the very basics.

You should be able to find a new tutorial every week or so, depending on how heavy my school work is (I’m trying to learn industry standard C++ for coding games).

I’d also appreciate any feedback that the people here could give me. Criticism, as long as it’s constructive, is wholeheartedly welcome.

Wretched hackers. I know it’s been 3 months, but is the tutorial online, Dr.Enzyme? I really wanted to see it.

Yeah, I pretty much only model for games, so I’d really like to see these tuts. Instead, all I get is that screen I attached down there. / /