A ship

(WeirdHat) #1


What do you think?

(blengine_ol) #2

hey thats really good, alot better than alot of ships that are posted here… the reflection is amazing…the ships design looks unfinished and a weird smooth look to the front…maybe a wood texture wood spice it up and put some things on the deck, such as poop =)

good job

(ScottishPig) #3

I’ve seen better.Seems kinda disproportional… but it’s fair.

About textures, stop by and see what you can find to help =)

(SKPjason) #4

Cool ship. Wonderful reflections. The rigging is great… It appears to have more detail than is really there… Great work… Of course, there’s a wierd part of me that wants to see the poopy King Kong of yours climbing the mast…


(theeth) #5

eewwww :o

Nice job Weirdo, ScottishPig should fear for his crown of the all time Blender ship master.


(S68) #6

OLD POST->Cannot see it :frowning:

NEW POST-> Ohhh! Now I can, it is very nice but veri WIP, IMHO.

There is the need of more detail everywhere and riggings!

Water is GREAT

I’m soprry for ScottishPig but your model is better than his from a naval architecture point of view. Your foresail and mainsails are as they ere in reality.


(Cativo) #7

I don’t know WH, but it seems to be missing something…(crap, I know too littles bout sail ships!) where’s the door, to go down; and the steering wheel?
(I hope I don’t make an ass of myself!)

([email protected]) #8

im gonna b really cruel and point out 1 major fact… there isnothing on the deck, thi is the fact basded part, 1 nevermind when u seem to base a ship like this it would tend to carry some armement against privateers and pirates so some guns on the geck would be cool and the hull needs something…main points it needs crew you had a constant crew on watch and there would be ropes and barrels accross the decks… but im not being smug lol i dont think ill ever be able to make anything that good but if u add them it will almost be able to sail out of your screen!

(WeirdHat) #9

I agree, Cativo and [email protected], it needs more details.

(Ulli) #10

great! adding a little fog will make it even twice as real!

(ScottishPig) #11

Can anyone say, ‘Lack of Rigging?’ Not too bad, Cativo was right about needing a hatch and a wheelhouse/bridge— Not too shabby, though I do reserve the right to say that, from a naval architecture standpoint, I’ve never modelled a barque… SO THERE!

Like I said, not too shabby.

([email protected]) #12

look at the size of that ship… those sails dont fit it any way even for an east indiaman trade ship its not big enuf to have any more rigging bsides i only know about millierry ships i have tryed to make a few, anyone got any tips on how to model a hull?? i wanna build a 1st rate royal navy ship about the time of trafalgar so this thing is gonna b huge and cool but i can make the hull, i tryed a nurbs tube but it didnt quite work any ideas?

(valarking) #13

quite nice feel to the image. the ship is quite simplisitic, lacking some detail, but im sure that shall come in time. :wink: