a short avatar(movie) scene + breakdown


a small scene created in blender from avatar movie.
uses only one texture. compositing all the rest.

I hope you like it

The waterfall is flowing too fast, makes it look smaller scale than it should. Good work though!

Oh my!
Great work with the whole scene, a bit rough over all the animation stuff there, but is great!.

Hope with some more I get inspired to try an attempt but i’m juggling with several projects, so for the while i’ll put it to the backburner just for a little bit time, heck!

nice work!

I think you should add a bit of detail on the plane, it’s a bit too clean for now. and also I think you should add some particules to simulate the impact of the waterfall in the water.

but it’s already a very impressive work.


Good work.
Try to slow down the speed of the water to get a more realistic effect.

Avatar is Cameron’s latest magnum opus is probably one of the most anticipated movies since Titanic and now it seems that the visionary director has indeed created a film that will revolutionize the world of cinema just like. Good job on the 3D Modeling though.

thanks all!