A short story about getting up late by Ketnipz & Dedouze, Greasepencil animation

Hi !! i thought i would share more of my short anims here, because besides that, iโ€™m working on long term projects that will not be available before months so, here are some little stuff :). I hope you enjoy it !
Everything is contained in the same blender scene. Just some camera tricks and grouped objects in empties to switch from place to place :slight_smile:



I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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Just great! More please.

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Thank you !! have a nice weekend !


And on the #featured row too :slight_smile:

Beautiful work! :grin:

Love your art! I just followed a tutorial of yours yesterday, animating 2D in this program is so fun.

Hey, letโ€™s hear it for: "This thing is just plain cute!" :smiley:

Start-to-finish this is very nicely done.