A sign of things to come...

(belac) #1


here is my most recent creation… yes, another automobile… this is a 2002 Honda Civic (slightly modified :slight_smile: ). it is for a animation that stevet and i are working on… so far, from this and other models, it looks like the project is going to be insane…


“i dream in mesh”

(gargola) #2

:o wow! where you peeps get those great textures?

(acasto) #3

wow…looks great. Maybe the scene could use something, it looks like you can see the sky in the reflection in the windshield (and possibly hood) but there is nothing to be reflecting

model and textrues and (eviron maps??? or raytrace) looks awesome though

(S68) #4


Cool model

very very shiny… maybe too shiny :wink: looks like it is all chrome :slight_smile:

Tires too shines!

Can’t wait to see the animation!


(pofo) #5

Very nice model

I agree with S68 though, the tires look too hard.

Personally I would put some more color under the reflection, maybe even play with a little bit o’ noise. But hey, it’s your car!

Animated I think this one’ll blow us away. Keep at it

  1. pofo

(belac) #6

most of our textures are availible on our website (www.o9studios.com)… i haven’t updated with my most recent textures. but we also make most of our own. adobe photoshop makes texture creation very simple. also through pain staking UV Mapping and material tweaking, we try to use textures in the most effective way.


" i dream in mesh "

(Aksy) #7

Very good :o but the tires looks so tiny. :-?
or you can move the tires more out of the body…

Sorry my bad English :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:


(stephen2002) #8

that is an intresting. I see a few Civics that look just like that in the parking lot of my High School and get a big laugh every time as their little lawnmower engines and their pitiful crys are amplfied by one of those gigantic muflers. Just thinking about it…funny :smiley:

anyway, now to make comments. The tires look like they are a bit too small for the rims. The rims are protruding out beyond the tires, dosn’t look right. The car itself looks to be made out of plastic. The wheels seem to dissapear into the wells. (i.e. the tires are too small for the wells)

the modeling is clean with no dents from the sub surf

Other than that, it looks pretty good.

(hannibar) #9

May I ask how you’ve modelled the tires? I have thought a long time on how to make one, but I can’t find a method that gives satisfying results.
Your car looks great btw :slight_smile: