A Silent Universe in Boston Sci-Fi Festival

Dear Blender Community,

I wanted to share with you that my short film, “A Silent Universe,” which features VFX shots created in Blender, is currently part of the Boston Sci-fi Film Festival. You can watch the film for FREE and rate the movie. Rating it helps up rack up more points at the festival and possibly win an an award.

Blender was used specifically to create the opening sequence of the “A Silent Universe.” VFX artist and filmmaker Chaz Sutherland used Blender to create from scratch the very first shot of the movie as adding visual effects elements to subsequent shots in the opening sequence.

To see the movie and rate it, go to: http://www.bostonsci-fi.com/node/480

There you can stream the movie for free and then rate it by clicking the “Judge This Film” link below the title and description for “A Silent Universe.”

I hope you’ll check out the movie and rate it. Thank you so much!

Mikel J. Wisler
director of “A Silent Universe”