A simple Barograph

I’m fourteen, just a barograph I did last night from one on my desk, any comments appreciated,


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:eek: Wow, that is amazing. Your modeling if fantastic. Materials are almost perfect (I think the brass [if that’s what it is] needs a little work). The only thing (This is just personal opinion) that might make it better is to give it some surroundings. However, it is amazing all on it’s own. Good job.

Thanks, just finished for summer holidays so have tweaked the colours a bit, i decided to leave this now and have just started working towards a short film - {5 min or so}
here is a pic with tweaked colours:

Much better :yes:

Good luck on your short film.

I like the second one better. But both are really great. Looks good.

Shadows are too soft. Material gold is also underdeveloped. I think that scene could be a better look.