a simple box model character

here is my box modeled character it is has not been unwrapped and it has no seems added to it yet. tell me what you think :evilgrin:
here is the poly count
Ve: 1252
Ed: 2514
Fa: 1266

Looks like you have the basics of topology down. Use of a background image to reference from can help you further refine your skills.

the bridge of his nose needs to come in a bit at the top.

thnx for commenting lol and u guys are right but on this model it doesn’t want to animate correctly the legs and the arms move just fine but wen i go to move the head only parts of it move this the bone and then i add some weight paint to the parts that dont want to move and they stap back to possition but it wont stop deforming oddly.

Perhaps some loop cuts around the neck will help. It’s good to have extra verts around areas that will bend when you animate it.