A simple house render

I am a beginner. I want to know how to improve, i want to know how to make nature stuffs and doesn’t crash blender or get out of memory. Criticisms are welcome.


Sorry I can’t help you with the nature and crashing. What is this project for? The house looks to me like a toy house. If this is intentional, good job, I don’t have much critique for you then, it is convincing. If it’s not, then consider adding more details to the parts where windows meet the walls (windowsills,) look at photo reference for what houses look like. Add window panes too.

If it is a toy house, then why not make the nature look like toys too? miniature plants.

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A little dirt path coming out from the door world be cool!

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The grass needs more variation, right now it looks like a prickly green blanket.

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Ok, a couple of tips to help with using lots of particle systems and plants. I’m not great at this but here is what I know.

1. Use Simplify
In your properties window under scene settings, check the simplify box. With this enabled you can reduce the number of subdivisions on objects in your scene and also limit the number of particles that are shown. This applies to everything in your scene simultaneously. So in the viewport When you’re working with a lot of leaves and grass, limiting the number of child particles that are shown in the viewport will really save memory and help with crashes.

2. Use External Caches
When you’ve got things like grass and there are thousands of particles, using an external cache will save you a lot of memory. Blender will write data to a file on your hard-drive instead of using ram. More files, fewer crashes.

3. Use Instances

When you’re duplicating an object in blender, like a tree, you have two options. SHIFT+D, which copies the whole object, and all of it’s data, or ALT+D, which makes a copy of the object, but links all of it’s data to the first item. Why does this matter? When blender is calculating a scene it will either have to calculate 10 trees, or one tree in 10x locations. It saves a huge amount of memory with complex objects that are scattered around a scene.

I think the lighting and composition are great on this one, but think the modeling and textures could use some work. I’d add some details like gutters and a bit of foundation at the bottom. I’d also look at some reference photos of siding and roofing and try to match the texture and scale of those as well. Great work so far!

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