A Simple Kitchen

followed Tuts from Karan Shah on cgtutsplus

well no texture, took nearly whopping 1hrs of render with yaf(a)ray,

the corners shouldn’t be lit up like they are, you need to either increase the wall thickness, adjust the depth of photons, or something else… i think it means you have photon bleeding between the outside and in… your light behaviour looks like theres a wall missing on the camera rear side. this is why youve got such a lot of blue light filling the roof in an even gradient leading from the front edge back into the room… you might want to check my signature link for final kitchen, i used this same tutorial as the basis to build my kitchen and has a few hints to lighting, you might find it useful

yeah, but i was in a hurry :stuck_out_tongue:
u did a nice job there…

fair enogh then… that changes things,. oh, and before where i say depth needs changing, i meant diff.radius… sorry

if you havn’t found it already, this page is gold

yep, i tried, thanks