a simple lamp [finished, sort of]


Ok, I call this one finished now.


- top/shade
- base
- joint
- another joint


- another wire

So… yea I learned a boat-load of stuff from modelling it, but I don’t really feel like fixing all the little things and working on the materials/lighting with this dull thing. I just want to move on to something else. :slight_smile:

Thanks to everyone who commented on my little thread here, very much appreciated. :slight_smile: And sorry that it didn’t turn out better. %|

I doubt that anyone is interested, but the .blend file can be downloaded here (*.rar - 250KB) and is released under the Blender Artistic License. Be warned though, it is messy. As I still have mostly no clue what it’s all about. :slight_smile:

have a nice day!

Thats a great model (if only I where that good :frowning: ). Anyway, the button looks kind of flat, like it couldn’t be pressed. Don’t know if its maby supposed to be like that.
Also you could post a wireframe, and people will be able to help you more.

Btw, that’s some nice camera movements in the flyby :wink:

i like it, pretty good. ill give you the stardard WIP comments and tell you that you should texture it and put it in a scene like on a desktop or something. i would say more but im not exactly a pro on this 3d stuff yet

[ See first post for update. ]

keep up the good work!

First of all: the button. When I frist saw it I thogt that it was some kind of flat one (but it turned out that it wasn’t). I think you could raise the raised areas (or something like that, I dont know howto express myelf) a little more. In other words, make it less flat.

The rest of the mesh looks realy neat!
Are you going to animate it?
It could hop around or something. Maby swich on a coputer and blend some, I don’t know…

If you mean like more “sharp” you could select the surounding edes and press shift+E.
Hope it helps…

See first post for update.

So an edit does not bump the thread… :-?
Well then this will have to do… sry.

>> I just updated my original post with the finished stuff.